Beginner`s Guides to Play Pocket Summoner Origin iPhone

Pocket Summoner Origin can be said as an adventure game for mobile devices where you will be tasked to build your town, research for advanced technology then explore the world to get some spirits as your guard consisting of its own skills and abilities.

pocket summoner origin walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will also get to enchanting which will need the items to complete
Each guard will have the extra power indicated by the level of the guard, which is shown as CP or Capacity.

Early on the game, you can play with Miki having 2 skill but he does not have High Speed
And, this game uses ATB for battling, so each skill of your character has CD
You can also use element of farming here

You will also play with Dogi as he comes along with ability such as dogi`s ability as self protection.
In related to this ability, if they are attacked, their defenses will increase for a while so that it will make them good at defending consecutive attacks from enemies with a good speed.

To deal with it, you can use Miki as he has good at evading attacks.
Each time, he moves, he can evade attacks for a few seconds.

On the other side, each time you weaken the spirit, you can master it or absorb its energy as crystal containing energy for your guards to learn new skills.

In line with this, just try to collect more guards to get different types of guards to encounter different spirits.

When playing between Dogi and Miki, you will now the difference of the skills and abilities as the body type of the spirits are different.

According to this, Dogi has a normal body type and Miki has poison body type, so that the grounds they stand will reflect that element.

Note that, every body type will be strong and weak against certain types of attacks either physical or magical.

In accordance with this, physical defense and magical defense power of a spirit determine the damage to be taken on either type of attacks which you will know when you are fighting more types of spirits.

Later on, you must also get the best strong spirits, which you can do by leveling up your guards
In order to do that, you will need to use the mana you get from winning the fights in the game.
To power up your guards, you must complete more quests available on this game.

Meanwhile, to build your village, you will need materials
At this point, Lumberjack will help you to get woods
Anyway, you can get more woods during your quests.

Also, you can gather up some fallen woods or even chop down small trees with axes.
Once having enough woods, just let the lumberjack build more structures with enough materials.
Afterward, you can then build more functional structures and invite your more people to help you grow your village.


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