Beginner Walkthrough of The Silver Bullet The Prometheus iPhone

Since the mobile market has full of game offering many genre and many premium cosmetics, The Silver Bullet has no frills, pay-up-front gaming in favor of freemium models with a twin stick shooter

the silver bullet walkthrough ios android

This game comes from Korean developer KwangSam Kim and Byulbram studio
Along the game, you will guide Kali, with a dual pistol wielder as your weapon, works for the Vatican through an organization called Neverlight

And, your main job is to involve killing demons and other dimensional monsters
Meanwhile, you will also deal with any gang members or soldiers getting in your path.

For the control options, this twin stick shooter offers super versatile controls where you can go the classic twin stick route for aiming
In the mean time, you can use your finger to point in the direction to aim any incoming enemies in each stage

With this new control systems, you will easily rotate in circles, and you can also tap directly on an enemy or two to target them.

With your dual wielder, you can target and shoot two enemies at a time.
To avoid any attack from enemies, you will be allowed to use a dodge roll button, and a stealth button.

Later on, you will got through certain levels that will give you the option to stealth your way through, taking down certain enemies silently
With this stealth, you can use it to sneak past some enemies at once

Similar to any of a shooting action games, you can replay levels to farm items and experience, in which you might as well kill everything that moves.

To perform your action, you will have leg power to roll into any enemy that will make a drop kick to enemies into the freaking stratosphere.

In order to beat any enemy in each area, you can can melee any enemy by just walking into them
Also, you can use auto climb onto desks or auto hug walls by walking into them.
And, you can also hide in barrels to get by stupid auto-turrets.

Later on, you will also be equipped with grenades, that you can use to slow or unsuspecting groups of enemies, and to destroy the environment instantly.

Meanwhile, you can also pick up Miracle Crosses, which will be handy to revive if you die up to a limit of thirty.

Once leveled up, your stats will be raised, that you can do by going through the Demon Souls you pick up, which can be used to upgrade your damage, accuracy, movement speed, and health.

To get more ammo, you will find magazines that can increase your total ammo count, and it will be useful when you can probably run out of ammo during some of the final levels.
Be sure to save your ammo for the final boss battle in that it will level up your character fast

On the other side, you will also be allowed to use revives and grenades in the leaderboard tracked endless randomized level mode

You will have molasses slow regenerating health, and you can exploit that and wait around on each level to pick up health pack.
You may find your self into a level where you will see some enemies ambush you out of nowhere

Anyway, to get better gameplay of this game, iPad will be a good device to play with
It is caused by newer iPads will offer perspective zoom feature as you tilt the device


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