Beex Cheats in WoozWorld iPhone

In Woozworld game, a social MMORPG genre, you can create your own unique Woozen avatar then explore the colourful world in which you can also create your own unique Unitz, fully designed and decorated areas

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Along the game, you will merely meet new players and make friends and play through various MMO style quests as well as playing hundreds of built in mini games and watching various videos.

Early on this game, you will create your own Woozen, choosing either a male or female avatar then personalize them with various looks, hairstyles and clothing items that can be used to recreate styles of various celebrities.

When creating a new Unitz, you must choosing from a list of different shaped rooms then select everything from theme, colour and background to create the environment you want.
From there, you can decorate your grid map with various items and objects, anything from doors, lamps to alien craters.

As usual, this game will feature Beex as the premium currency that you can use to purchase Items and Unitz
In line with this, you can get Beex, in game currency through gameplay and simply exploring the different features of Woozworld.

On the other side, you can also play various mini games with each other to help make new friends and can even add them to your own social friends list.

You will then get involved in various crafting activities such as Woozworld’s FoodZ where you can make your own food and serve it up in your restaurant Unitz and let your friends visit you and purchase your items there

Sometimes, you may have to participate in some parties and festivals from the game’s developers where you can meet new people and even earned prizes including Beex.

In order to earn Beex easily, be sure to be a Subscriber to earn up to three times as many Beex, for each of your actions.

Then, every time you get a new Preztige Level, you will get a certain amount of Beex as a reward
And, if you a VIP member, you will get receive double the amount.
Check out the Preztige progression chart to see exactly how much Beex you can win at each level

Then, every time, you complete achievement, you will get more Beex.
So, just check your list to see what Achievements await you there.

Meanwhile, you must also grow Plantz in your Unitz and harvest Beex from them
Alternatively, you have to complete Wuzzles that will give large Beex as a prize

In addition, each week and every day, the developer will tabulate how many votes Woozens and Unitz have earned.
For players that have gained the most votes such as Top 50, Top 20, Top 5 status—or even the coveted first place, they will win extra Preztige Pointz, Beex.
So, just play this game regularly to earn more Beex to be used to purchase items and unitz



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