Basic Tutorial and Strategy in Real Cricket RC Aussie T20 Bash iPhone

Nautilus Mobile will bring you to lead your favorite Australian T20 team to battle with opponents and win in the match of Bash Down Under which is the biggest cricketing competition

real cricket aussie t20 bash score walkthrough ios android

At first, just select your favorite team which consists of a lot of superstars then compete against the best rivals to get your own champion
To be the top of this game, just use all arsenal consisting of 27 cricketing shots to experience the most dynamic sport on your mobile devices.

In related to the control options, you will be served with some buttons to move your teams in the field
With Virtual D Pad, you can easily select the direction in which your player wants to hit the ball in which you can move and place the ball cursor to a desired position with this control button.

Also, you can set The Virtual D-Pad to dynamic or static one, and you can toggle this by accessing settings.

And, when the bowler starts his run-up, you can simply hold as dynamic control or move as static control that you can sue with the joystick towards the direction of which your player wants to hit the ball.

On the other side, using shot buttons will allow you to execute the kind of shot that you want to hit.
At this point, when the ball is in the “hitting” area, you can merely tap shot button to hit the ball to your desire spot.
Here, the “timing” of this execution is important, as you will be able to get the best result based on your shot at the ball.

Once hitting the ball with perfect shot, you can see the timing meter that displays how well you have timed your shot
At this point, Perfect Timing usually gets you to the best results

Meanwhile, you can use OK button to confirm the various elements that you will need to bowl such as bat, cursor, position, speed and movement

If you want to change the field setting, you can just tap on the mini field view as this will show you the current field setting

In addition, movement meter will indicate the swing or spin when you want to hit the ball
You can see speed meter to know the speed of the ball that you wan to bowl.


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