Basic Guides Tutorial of Exos Saga Android

Eyedentity Mobile has launched a New RPG called Exos Saga that you can mainly play on the android devices recently

exos saga walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will be able to guide heroes along with their unique skills and abilities
This game will also offer you pvp mode where you can compete with your rivals to prove who is the best heroes in the game

In related to the skills of your heroes, if your hero`s picture is flashing, you can use a skill in which you can only use 1 active skill
Besides, you will also have passive skills which activates in automatic

In line with this, you will have up to 3 passive skills based upon grade and all your active skills will have a cooldown before you can use them again

When battling with your opponents, you can trigger fever mode at a set rate when you use special skill of your hero
At this point, using a skill within 2 seconds of triggering fever mode will increase the damage by one and half times.

Later on, you will also be assigned to complete certain missions for collecting additional rewards
On the other side, selecting an ally before entering the dungeon will allow you to receive help in battle.

Also, you can join an alliance that will really help you when dealing with tough bosses in the game
Here, the alliance characters will help you in battle but it will disappear after 60 seconds.
Thus, just use them wisely because you will not be able to summon them again after they disappear.

You will also be equipped with some equipment in slots designated by type.
According to this, if you equip a new equipment into a filled slot, the existing equipment will disappear.

Besides, you will also be allowed to choose more than one enhancement material.
And, the amount of enhance points you get will sometimes change based upon the material.

In accordance with this, reaching 100 percent in enhance points will increase the enhance stage by 1 point.
Also, you can have maximum enhance stages that are based on equipment levels.
Furthermore, you will get a bonus based on the success rank you gain such as good, great and perfect

In addition, you will then be able to evolve a legend grade to the highest one.
At this phase, when you get an increase in grade, you can strengthen the basic options
If there is an increase in level you can go for the basic options and additional options


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