Basic Guides to Win The Game on Epic Flail iPhone

If visit the apple store recently, you may find some popular new games on the chart
One of them is Epic Flail which can be said as a physics-based game which offers a goofy 1 on 1 dueling game on the ios platform.

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The story begins when Mr. Tans has invited the best flail fighters worldwide to his private island. There, everyone will show their skill to be the true flail master in the ultimate flail tournament
So, all you will do here is to control your character’s flail and land devastating head blows toward your opponent

When playing this game and guiding your character, precision and accuracy will the main factors to win each battle
For such reasons, never consider to tap the screen rapidly

If you tap your character fast, it will cause your character to just wiggle their flail around wildly, and it will not deliver any real damage which can take your opponent out.

In order to hit your opponent and take him out, your flail will have to keep moving fast enough and it must hit your opponent’s head.
Here, you will have to time your strikes well and never tap rapidly

During in the battle, you must find the perfect distance to deliver the right strike.
If you stand about two centimeters toward your opponent, you are in the perfect time to strike your opponent much more quickly

Early on the first round, make sure to stand about this distance away from your opponent, make a step forward quickly to give your flail some forward momentum which will land a critical blow.

To get the right strike, you may think to bait your opponent into an attack zone.
In line with this, try walking back and forth fast, or you can dash dancing and walk just short of your opponent’s swinging range, then walk backwards out of it again.

Do it well so that your opponent will swing their flail, and it leaves them open to counter attack.
You must also make sure not to get hit by their flail because they will raise it back up

Similar to a physics-based game, movement and momentum will be the main factor to win the game
In accordance with this, try not to do idle stance swings or it will swing your mace while standing

In order to put get the right swings, you can try to tap the swing button while moving forward for a bit.
Since your flail hangs behind you, it will emerge the speed along with your character.
Then, you can swing to give it the force to reach your opponent fully

Later on, you can do this when recovering your flail back into neutral stance.
Besides, you can move backwards to get enough power to flow back into its neutral position.


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