Basic Guides to Get Plasma Influence in Dawn of Steel iPhone

Flaregames has a fresh RTS or base building game that is packed in Dawn of Steel
This game is now available on the ios and android markets

dawn of steel walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will control three giant mechs and send them to destroy as much of the enemy’s base as possible in each mission.

In the beginning of the game, your resources will be more valuable than defenses when building you base for the first time
Therefore, doing some upgrades for your resource buildings will determine your success upgrade everything else.

When constructing your buildings, building some defensive structures can shoot over walls, and the other ones cannot do so.
You must scan your enemy’s buildings defenses such as the one that can or cannot hit you from the other side of buildings

Besides, you must also try to find a building or stretch of wall to put your mechs behind
If you can do so well, your mech will get closer enough to turrets and other defenses so that you can hit them with your mech’s rockets.

So, just launch the rockets over the wall or building, take out the defenses, then move in to clean up the entire base.

When buildings your defense structures, you can leave the turrets with relatively unobstructed views
And, you can then stash the defenses which can shoot over walls and buildings inside the main base
Be sure to manage it well, as it will make it tougher for the enemy to take it out, and your defenses can defend any incoming attack from nearby enemies.

Once having battle with enemies, you must repair your mechs to give them full health and power
Besides, you also have to upgrade your mechs which will make them in top-tier condition

In line with this, upgrading your mechs will make you unlock new weapon, ability functions and slots that will really be useful to take out enemies in combat zone.

When invading enemy`s base, you will also be able to loot weapons from there.
These weapons will need special weapon upgrades in order to equip them.

Again, doing some upgrades to your mechs and weapons will be a must that will allow you to defeat any enemy in the next battle.

Sometimes, you may see the enemy drones will spy above your mechs
In order to get rid of them, you can use your rocket mech’s rockets to take them out
Plus, you can also clear out those pesky little robots quickly.

Always keep your eyes open for little green orbs that fall out of destroyed buildings, as they can heal damaged mechs instantly.

In order to choose the entire group, you can double tap one mech
Then, you can choose an ability and tap the ability button again to cancel it.

In addition, you may need influence to build your base and mechs into the most powerful one
To get this, it will require you to spend your money in iaps

Anyway, after winning each battle, you will get some rewards, in form of cash and plasma
And, if you are lucky enough, you will be able to get this influence for free that you can use to strengthen your base and mechs


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