Basic Guides to Get Neoplatinum in Sentinel Command iPhone

Sentinel Command from GamerNationX has come to the apple store as a strategy game
This game is set during a huge galactic war, where you will be brought to keep up production of valuable resources for the war effort in your galaxy.

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Along the game, you will deal with some enemies that are constantly attacking your resources, striking from hidden bases scattered around your domain of Kernwall.

To survive in this game, you will have to collect neoplatinum, the game’s currency that will be useful to upgrade your fleet of ships

And, you can give it to the leaders of allied territories to help them do their part in the war.
With the neoplatinum, it will help keep the enemy at bay, and it will also give you an access to new technology.
So, make sure to give it to them to counter the enemy getting a foothold in their territory and making them stronger.

On the other side, you will also have to fend off the enemy attacks on your resource points that will help you collect more neoplatinum contributed to the war effort.

When dealing with enemies at combat, the attack will come steadily
And, your fleet of ships will almost always be on the move in one direction or another.

At that time, your ships will only recover from those battles by returning home and resting, and it is important to always watch the health percent on your mines or refineries.
You will also have to repair a damaged ship during in each battle toward enemies

After each battle, you can scavenge extra neoplatinum or recover an enemy escape pod for a chance at some intel or new crew members for your ships.

In the mean time, you can discover the location of a base from a captured enemy escape pod.
And, try to field a stronger fleet to crush all the enemy bases

Make sure to keep your fleet upgraded and combat-ready then deploy them, and get their upgrades
In combat, your ships will be on one side and the enemies are on the other.
When every ship’s turn comes up, one of your crew members will do an action.

Here, engineering can charge up the shields, and the captain can issue a buffing rally cry, then the helmsman can engage in evasive maneuvers, and more actions from your crew to do.

Every crew comes along with just one or two abilities each, and they will gain experience every time they make a move
Then, every time, they leveled up, they will get points which will be useful to unlock new abilities.

You will also guide your tactical crew to shoot the enemy that will make them gain experience to level up

When it is about to manage your resource, be sure to have enough neoplatinum to upgrade your ships and help out the other domains

At this point, you will get to risk recovering escape pods here and there, while locating enemy bases and getting better crew members and upgrades.

Later on, you can prioritize to power up your fleet of ships and the crew aboard them so that it will help you jump from one battle to the next, hoping to procure some new technology, experience, or resources especially for neoplatinum


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