Basic Guides to Get High Score in Pop the Lock iPhone

Simple Machine test your reflex with their newest game called Pop the Lock where you will simply tap to crack the code and pop the lock in sequence

pop the lock walkthrough ios android

Pop the Lock is a challenging one touching game which has come to the apple store in that this game is easy to learn but hard to master

Along the game, you will simply tap when the red bar will get to a circle in the lock.
In other words, to play this game will rely on how many locks that you can pop.
Every single tap which you have made will bring down the number in the center by one.

If it brings down to zero, you win the level where you will then be brought to complete up to 100 locks in a level.

During the game, be sure to concentrate on the circle lock at all times
When it is about to tap the screen, just tap anywhere to stop the spinning circle.
In the mean time, make sure to keep your finger out of the way
For such reasons, you will really know where the lock will stop on the board

Every time, you hit one lock, you will see the circle to go in reverse.
Later on, you will also see that the next lock will be really close or very far away to come
Once, you see the lock gets closer, be sure to tap as quick as possible

Do not just focus on the red bar but you must keep your eyes open on the entire ring
Sometimes, you may see the locks to come fast in which the locks here will never be in fixed spots that you can predict where they will go next

Always remember that timing and reaction time is important to play this game and make high score
Anyway, if you re frustrated be sure to relax for a while then start playing again with fresh mind

In addition, this game has a mechanic where a marker sweeps around a dial
In line with this, try to tap the screen while it is over a yellow dot in that the marker is about to change direction if you can do it well.



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