Basic Guides to Get Gems in Raid HQ iPhone

Mobile Gaming Studios has a base management and raiding game for the ios and android devices
Here, you will merely collect resources and upgrade your troop cards

raid hq walkthrough ios android

Also, you will have to build your team and lead them to get your victory, Trophies, power and glory
As a management building game, you will be assigned to upgrade your base and give your workers something to do, in which it will make a good progress

Just unlock everything and start upgrading them to the same level before going on to a new level so that you will have a balanced base.

Early on the game, you must upgrade your Storage building
In this game, you will have heroes to be upgraded with the cards
Therefore, you constantly get cards for a specific hero the upgrade him to a higher level.

The main point is to find the balance between upgrading heroes and keeping the ones you like in your party.

In related to heroes, some of them are strong and weak against another
For such reasons, try to get some heroes based on enemy you will deal with

When everything is ready, you can launch an attack by tapping an island
On the map, look at the colors of the weapons and buildings you will attack then send in heroes which are strong against that type of enemy.

It will highly be recommended to have a team based on the enemies troops you will deal with as some of them provide squad bonuses or enemy penalties.

Always look the colors of the buildings containing more resources which are in form of blue ones
Besides, you must also try to get medals for a blue Hero upgrade, which will make them gain higher levels.

In daily basis, you will be able to get all the freebies containing gems
So, just make sure to log in regularly to claim these chests
They usually offer cards that you can use to upgrade your heroes and turn your team into the best one

When raiding the other base, you will get an offer containing the daily cards
During there, you must win in order to get as many cards as possible such as the Daily Cards islands, Daily Color Cards island or Alcatraz in which they will help you in the long run.

Later on, you can unlock PVP that you can do by repairing the PvP Carrier
And, make sure to Upgrade your HQ to level 3 and upgrade your Gold Storage
Always consider to upgrade everything into maximum before taking part in PvP

Meanwhile, you can build up your defenses to protect your HQ
In accordance with this, you must join clan where you can request troops from your clan mates so that you can increase your defensive chances and to build or upgrade your mech, the big Robot

In addition, gems seem to be the premium currency of this game
Basically, you will get gems by getting victory in the battle with enemies in the game
Moreover, if you play this game daily, you will get more chances to get more free gems as reward


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