Basic Guides to Get Coins High Score in Nasty Goats iPhone

Nickelodeon has a nice game called as Nasty Goats a Game Shakers App which you can test and play both on the iOS and Android devices.

nasty goats walkthrough ios android

Here, all you will have to do is to use your two fingers to control two goats, and get them to collect as much junk as possible before the farmers catch them.

To gather up all of the junk along the path, you can use the ropes or chains
During your action, you must avoid the solid-colored spiky creatures as they can slow you down
If you get slowed down, the farmer has a chance to catch up with you.

At that moment, you can try to manipulate your fingers so that you can run the goats around them, and around the pits that you can fall into.

To play this game, you can use fingers other than your thumbs to control the goats.
In line with this, just put your thumbs or fingers one behind the other when you need to get both of them through a tight squeeze.

On the other side, try to swap one finger to the other side of the other finger when you are about to change the orientation of both goats
You can do this when you want to get them through one or more tight spots.

Later on, you will be allowed to get different goats along with accessories
The most important thing is to get a new set of levels such as Dino World, Arctic World, The Wasteland, The Moon and Tokyo.

Every level here will have a slightly different layout with a someone new set of obstacles to overcome with the gameplay method

Coins seem to be the currency that you can get for free
With more coins, you can purchase 6 different goats that give you a different look when performing your action
Also, you can get 13 different power ups which help keep the goats feasting on junk at ease

In addition, you will then have an access to go to 5 different locations and one secret hidden area to find

For further, you will also have to collect 50 wearable items to customize your character
Always consider to make some combos to increase bonus points which will lead you to gain high score in the game


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