Basic Guides to Earn Gold in Iron Commander iPhone

Sevenga has launched MMO with a new base management game which is entitled Iron Commander on the apple store and android market

iron commander walkthrough ios android

As a strategy game, you will have to build a powerful base, a strong defense, then train an army to invade another base and get gold resource

Besides, you will be allowed to join an alliance to create a team with other players online
Along with your team, you can then seek power and claim the world for your alliance

In this game, you must complete some quests available on the quests menu located at the bottom portion of the screen

Always follow the quests there to stay up-to-date your base with the newest upgrades and research bonuses.
Completing this kind of quest will give you with a bunch of resources in form of gold and other items

In city quests, you will also be served with daily quests and alliance quests.
To complete a daily quest, just wait for the timer to finish.
If it takes longtime to complete, you will get more bonuses from this

So, always have a daily quest run in the background as this will give you a lot of reward in form of gold, the premium currency of this game.

To build your base, it will take a time and you can speed up the process by joining an alliance
With your alliance, your friends there can help you speed up your build times

Moreover, they will help you attack other players and send their units to defend your base form incoming enemies

On the other side, once your command center has reached level 3 in which you can achieve it when starting the game in few minutes, you will be able to unlock the mystery gift

These mystery gift will give you some premium items or a lot of resources containing some really good stuff

To supply resources and make better defense, you must do a research at the Science Center
There, you can research various upgrades which allows you to boost the efficiency of your headquarter.

When doing a research, try focusing on economics, troops, and fortifications.
Economics will handle base resource tasks in which upgrading this will reduce construction times, increase resource output, and more.

Then, upgrading troops will boost the power of your troops during in the combat with enemies in the game

And, doing some upgrades to fortifications will include the defensive aspect of your base
Upgrading this will unlock various defensive structures that you can use for another construction
For such reasons, make sure to keep a research going at all times, since it will take a long time to finish and it will give you a lot of advantages


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