Basic Guides for Pro License in Weekend Warriors MMA iPhone

If you are a fan of MMA show, you may have to try this game, Weekend Warriors MMA by MDickie where you will be brought to your own personal MMA adventure on mobile, ios and android

weekend warriors mma walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will be allowed to create your own fighter and start your career.
Later on, you can also use a variety of moves and techniques to take out your opponent with your martial art

Then, each time you beat the opponents, you will climb up your ranks and become the number one MMA fighter in the game

To play this game, you can tap S button, standing for Strike, where you can strike your opponents with this button

Anyway, holding down the S button will make your fighter charge up his swing in which it will let your attacks charge for a second makes him do more damage toward opponents

Every time, you are charging up a strike, you can influence the direction you swing in that you can do by holding down a direction.
Doing this when you see your opponent blocking.

In the mean time, you can hold down to make your fighter hit low, so that your opponent will be caught off guard.

When your opponent try to defend with their blocks, just try grabbing to put your opponent in a hold
If you can do so well, you will be in the advantageous position, so try tossing your opponent around to deal with some heavy damage to them.

To attack your opponent, you can try to strike and grab while running.
You can run by double tapping any direction quickly.

Running here will attack deal significantly more damage than regular attacks
However, whiffing a running attack will make your fighter wide open to counter attacks from opponent. So, if your opponent is about to whiff a big attack, just try a running attack

To counter the opponent`s attack, you can use the G button for the Counter button, and the B button for the Escape button.

In line with this, countering a grab will reverse the grab in which it can put you in the advantageous position

And, escaping the grab will let you get out of the grab at the same time.
To make this trick happen, you have to tap the right button at the right time.

During at that moment, if you see your opponent going for a Transitional move, just tap G button.
Then go to the right move by tapping B button.
In other hand, to escape grabs and counter attack, all you will do is merely to tap randomly B and G buttons.

On the other side, you will also be able to use special attacks by tapping S plus any other button at the same time

In other words, these attacks will be much like the running attacks and they will deliver heavy damage toward your opponent
But, if it has long wind-up times, it will make your fighter open to counter attacks.
For such reasons, you will have to manage to land them at the right time to take out your opponent at once


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