Basic Guide to Move on The Next Level in Twisty Wheel iPhone

Twisty Wheel developed by tastypill can be said as a spinning game for the iOS and Android platform which will get you to spin the wheel, match the arrow color with the color on the wheel for high score

twisty wheel walkthrough ios android

In each level, you will need one additional color match to complete
Here, you have a designated color to stop the wheel on to move on to the next stage
Then, you will deal with each harder and faster stage, and having more stops to move on next.

During the game, make sure to look at the arrow at the top of the screen and to the color appearing in the arrow, because this will inform you what color to stop on.

Just make sure to focus on them so that you can transit over to the correct slice of the wheel.
Concentrate on the wheel first for an easy transition.

When performing your action, watch on the number of the level that you are on.
In line with this, the amount of taps to pass it will rely on the number of the level.

As an illustration, if you are on level 50 in the game, you must tap correctly 50 times in a row to pass the level.
Afterward, you can then go to the next level, and so forth.

Sometimes, the colors can be a little bit hard to see
To get better experience, you can try playing the game with a higher contrast, or you can play it with the colored completely inverted, so that you can see if the new mix of colors clearly

In addition, you may find the ad popping up on the screen while you are playing the game
In order to get rid of this, you can either purchase the ad removal from in-app store, or you can adjust your phone into an airplane mode so that you will have no ads show up while playing


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