Basic Guide to Earn Money Gems in Hello Mr Rich iPhone

MoglooGames has launched Hello, Mr.Rich both on the apple store and android market as a unique endless clicker game which will make you rich man on the go

hello mr rich walkthrough ios android

Similar to any clicker game out there, you will get to tap frantically to reduce the time required for your crops to ripen

Note that you will do this based upon a lot of micromanagement whereby you will also think to grow your business by purchasing more land

Later on, you can sell those crops for a big price and purchase more land to plant more crops.
An interesting concept and a really fun game that involves

Early on the game, you start new farms and production buildings to make a variety of products which will make you rich by selling them on the market and your neighbors.

To rich fast, think to upgrade your crops which can increase the amount for each harvested crop
Besides, upgrading your crops will allow you to unlock new pieces of land

On the other side, you must consider to sell your crops at the right time
In the beginning, you can micromanage your crops and switch from one to another while waiting for a new customer to come

As making progresses in the game, you will get the big waiting times for each crop to get ready
Also, you will have the sheer number of crops that you have to care for
For such reasons, just focus on three or four crops at the time
Then, simply tap on those to max them out and wait for the right moment when the customer comes in order to get the great price
In the way of driving the right customers, you can tap on their icon on the top left
At the same time, you can leave all the others crops to grow naturally.

The most important thing is to sell all ready products before stop playing since the chances of any of the crops spoiling are minimal
And, it will be your losses when you come to play again.

When you see the customers comes, just try to sell anything you have
If you can do it fast, you can get one or more crops ready to sell to them again.
Thus, always sell the product once the customers are right in your products

Gem or diamond is the premium currency of this game that you can get in any other way
To get them for free, always sell products at the right time in which you can do this when the customers come

Alternatively, you can get some valuable stuff by watching the promotional videos
If you are lucky, you may earn easy gems as reward once you have watched such videos at that time


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