Basic Clues to Gain High Score in Skill Wave iPhone

Skill Wave can be included into a unique endless arcade game that you can download and play on both ios and android platforms

skill wave walkthrough ios android

Along the game, all you will do is to explore an abstract world with dynamic landscapes while avoiding obstacles and collecting some power ups to rack up point score in to higher.

To play this game, you can play it with your phone turned sideways, in which you can see the ball bounce up, rather than have it bounce to the right when you tap the button

In this game, the height of your bounce will be based on how long you hold down on the screen.
Tapping the screen quickly will bounce a very short height
And, holding it down will go up and it will go for as long as you hold the screen down for.
So, you must learn to time holding the screen that will make you solve any obstacle.

In the mean time, you will also be able to ride along the top or the bottom of the screen for as long as you want.
When doing so, you can get around the cube obstacles, especially the ones which will move and make a narrow path for you to get through.

When performing your action, you must pick up the yellow dots because they will grant you 20 extra points.

At the same time, you must also pick up the power ups that will be handy to knock obstacles out of your way.
You can use the side to side power ups to knock random obstacles out of your way

Also, you can use the shooting power ups to shoot lasers that will knock out anything in front of your path.

Anyway, this game will pop up ads while you are playing this game
You can get rid of this ad by setting your phone into airplane mode before playing this game

But, since the developer makes money from this ad, it will highly be recommended to purchase the ad removal from iaps to show your appreciation of someone`s else works


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