Avoid the Electrodes for High Score in Swinging Stupendo iPhone

Bite Size Games has presented its newest debut in Swinging Stupendo, a daring acrobat living for the thrill of the spectacular stunt show for audience.

swinging stupendo walkthrough ios android

All you will do in this game is simply to tap to swing your way with rope while avoiding the electrodes to get score as high as possible

After playing this game for few moments, you will quickly learn the layout of the level that is not randomly generated.
You can see the layout is always the same so that you can easily memorize the electrodes locations and ring locations.

Later on, you will find some intervals in the levels where you will find no electrodes there.
Here, you will find many green rings floating about.
So, you should get Stupendo to swing through these, as this will give you bonus points added to your total score.

To make a big score in this game, you have to go as long as possible in each stage by swinging from one rope to another while avoiding the electrodes that will make you get high score

In line with this, you have to know where exactly your rope will land.
Sometimes, you will get misjudged the distance of the rope travels

As you see, when you tap, Stupendo will shoot out the grappling rope
In the mean time, you will notice that there is a bit of distance between him and the rope’s impact point.
For such reasons, you have to master this distance to survive in each stage, as this will determine your swing arc and velocity.

On the other side, Stupendo’s weak point is his body located in arms and legs flail around as he zooms through the air, but they will be free from harm.
In accordance with this, if any of his limbs comes into contact with an electrode, you will be fine. But, you will be only in danger if Stupendo’s egg-shaped body itself collides with an electrode in the show.

In addition, keep practicing to swing and always watching the rope to be used to swing to one stage to another

As you get the timing down with the rope, you will master the physics of the game that will lead you to gain higher score.


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