Attract Angel Investors for More Money in AdVenture Capitalist iPhone

As you can see AdVenture Capitalist from Kongregate is a new simulation game that will guide you to be a millionaire in a quick time

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Here, you have to build businesses to the point of earning sky-high income, automating the process, that you will rely on getting more angel investors who will provide you some advantages bonuses in the long run.

At the beginning of the game, you will start with a small amount of angel investors.
To make your first initial step, you can get at least one oil drilling company, and get them more than one, before getting more angels.
When doing so, you can let the managers collect money, and let the angels build up to at least double digits of your income.

After going through that time, they will be much easier to earn.
You can try to do the same process to get more and more money with more angels.
In the mean time, you will be given with enough angels that you can purchase an angel upgrade without getting the double-check confirmation screen
Then, you can do it to make overall profit to skyrocket.
If you can make more profit, you can have more angels investors.

For further, just do that steps to go for a pace of about 5x-10x the angels when you restart.
If you restart at this point, you will get more angels, so that your multipliers will be higher and you will get more angels fast.

Later, you must upgrade both the manager, the cash and the angel as well.
But, you must take the priority on which one that will provide fast income.
Also, you must concentrate on the newspaper upgrades since every multiplier of 100 will add a big exponential upgrade to some random business
With these upgrades, you can double everything as the newspaper is usually the last to reach a particular upgrade level.

In addition, you may wait a long time before you restart
It happens after major global multiplier upgrades or a newspaper upgrade to a multiplier of 500 that will multiply newspaper income by x777 at time.
In accordance with this, let the game run online for an hour or two or a night in which it will give you the more angel investors.


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