Ask Friends to Get Easy Diamonds in Microgolf Masters iPhone

Microgolf Masters is the newest product of TripleFun which offers a new miniature golfing game that you can play both on the ios and android mobiles

microgolf masters walkthrough ios android

As initial move, you can firstly practice in solo mode before taking part in a competition against another player in multiplayer mode

Afterward, you can play with your friends online in multiplayer mode
During in one-on-one matchups against other players worldwide, you will compete for coins and upgrades And, you will also have to gain levels, which allows you to compete against tough classes players.

You can go back to a lower round than the highest one, which will bring you to match up against less skilled and less competitive players.

Early on the match, make sure to shoot the ball as far as you can then consider to go for your next shot
When doing so, just use the arrows on the ground since the grass with the arrows in it will move your ball in the direction in which the arrows will go to

In the meantime, always keep your eyes open up on various obstacles, such as water and ice on the field.

If you shoot the ball into the water, you will go back where your ball was sitting before taking the last shot.

Remember not to let the ball jump on ice, as a shot on ice will double the strength as a shot on grass.
So, you must do it by taking an easier shot to safely land on the right hole spot

Along the game, you will have to collect gold coins which will be useful to get better balls, an incremental upgrade
In line with this, if you get a ball with a different pattern, you will have increased strength and aim that will help you make a good progress in this game.

Then, if you have enough gems or diamonds, you can purchase the premium, rare, legendary and extreme balls With such balls, you will get larger statistical upgrades than the ordinary balls will.

Meanwhile, you can then get more a lot of rewards by completing a numbered round
If you can do so well, you will get a set of cards, which you can use to upgrade your statistics on the upgrade screen
Anyway, you may have to get a card pack with gems in order to get the next round of card upgrades fast.

In order to get more gems or diamonds in this game, you can complete and win every match
If you can get a victory on high class match, you will be rewarded with more gems

Alternatively, you can try to connect your Facebook account to this game which allows you to ask for gems or diamonds form your friends
For such reasons, you will be able to send back and forth the gifts containing gems to your friends


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