Arcana Coins Gold Cheat in Chain Chronicle Android

Chain Chronicle as The Line Defense RPG was in the progress few days ago, but now this game has been launched into mobile platforms either on ios and android

chain chronicle strategy guides ios android

In this game, you will be able to control a lone soldier who is assigned to protect the world of Yggdra from the group of the invading Black Army
In the way of defending and protecting Yggdra, you will have to recruit a ‘Volunteer Army’ of Knights, Wizards, Clerics, Archers and Soldiers each with various abilities .
Afterwards, you will start your adventures, command and unleash the full potential of your, meet new allies with different skills then alter the game’s epic story.

Along with your allies, you will experience in new and Wonderous Adventures and you will unlock new ally stories and real-time RPG battles in various exotic locations.

The basic battle system here is pretty simple as you will use your skills to beat your opponents
In line with this, the basic attacks of your heroes will be limited to only hitting one enemy at a time.
Here, one arrow will strike one enemy, one sword-swing will slash one enemy.
on the other side, you are able to bend the rules a little with the heroes’ special abilities to inflict damage on multiple lanes of enemies with one good special attack.

To do it, you must utilize the soldier’s dash ability to beat a stronger enemy and let that enemy box itself between two heroes who can utilize special abilities that will hit the enemies in their own lanes, as well as the boxed-in enemy.

Always put the archers to the back of the melee heroes
If you want to get an immovable barrier of steel in your front-line, you can keep the back row clear of other units and move your archer to the top, middle, and bottom rows as necessary
it is caused by, your soldiers and knights have no ranged attacks, that will make them vulnerable to enemies who deal ranged damage.

On the other side, you can also try to move your soldiers and knights off of the grid, to engage the enemy on the left half of the screen.
Also, you can move them out of the safe range of the healer in your unit.
In order to beat your enemies with ease, you have master chain combo as well as using your special skills toward them in the battlefield

Anyway, sending a unit off the grid is addressed to engage a particularly tough enemy, to buy time and to allow the archer a few extra moments to whittle away at the enemy’s HP meter.
During in the battle, make sure to have a fresh reinforcement coming in from your stand-by party group.

Try to keep your main party in A+ Shape by utilizing your stat boosters.
In the mean time, you must upgrade your cards on your main party, as this will save you time trying to figure out where you should place your cards and who should be upgraded in this game.

In addition, this game will also feature gold as the main currency that you have to collect to help you go further to the next stage
Usually, every time you have beaten opponent, you will be rewarded with gold that is accumulated automatically
Make sure to use your gold to level up your characters


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