Amber Cheats in Mark of the Dragon Android

Mark of the Dragon can be categorized into a city management game where you can raise dragons and build a massive city then fight against other player to be the ultimate dragon trainer ever

mark of the dragon strategy guides ios android

During in the building process, your main resources are lumber and iron.
Here, your iron mines and lumber mills will be your main your generators
Meanwhile, the lumber depot and iron depot are where you stash it all.
In line with this, just try to keep these buildings upgraded so that you will have more resources faster and in larger quantities.

Later on, if you really need some extra resources, you can raid the single player which will get youu to attack another camp to get their loot
Do this to other players or by taking on the pre-made single player missions as they are really worth a bunch of iron and lumber

Make sure to protect your building by building defense
When attacking another city, you will see an overview of all their buildings stats.
At this point, just let your dragons run amuck, whereby it is the quickest way to get them wounded though.
At the same time, just check where all their defensive buildings are, like any Drakecapults, Troll Towers, etc.
Then, target these first as taking out any threats to your dragons first leaves the city a sitting duck.
On the other side, when choosing a dragon, just tap a tower to make that dragon immediately attack that specified tower once he flies in.

In order to protect your most valuable buildings against ground units, you can use walls
According to this, dragons are unaffected by walls, and having a single wall is relatively cheap, clocking in at 150 lumber.
And, they will not last very long so try leveling up a single section of the wall takes a whopping 800 lumber
Also make a general wall around your whole city that has only level 1 walls.
Then, level up your most valuable buildings, such as your castle, into a level 2 wall around it
Because of this, do not waste all of your lumber on just walls

For further, you must build defensive towers as your city itself is open to attack in this game.
Building Troll towers and Drakecapults will be really good for defense, but also look into goblin silos.
Having these underground rocket silos fire off huge missiles that deliver tremendous damage to both dragons and ground units.
But, it takes quite a while to load a rocket, so they have incredibly slow firing speeds.

Later on, you will have to earn dragon scales by completing the daily challenges
Try to get the incredibly rare dragon scales, so that you can level up your dragons.
These scales are from completing the daily challenges, so make sure to do them

At the beginning of the game, you will have to make your ground units
Here, you will begin with a summoning portal that allows you to get new ground units, in which they are a good supplement to your team.

In addition, try to build a Boot Camp later to level up your units and make them stronger.
Anyway, having your dragons and ground units work in tandem will be a great way to make the most use out of your team.
In accordance with this, you are able to have your dragons blast away at walls while out of range of any defense towers, so that your ground units will be able to move in.
Then, when they are taking the full force of the attack, your dragons will be able to move in and reign terror without being fired upon.


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