Altar Summoning Elements Combinations in Kung Fu Pets iPhone

Kung Fu Pets from Com2us can be said as a new elements combination game, where you get to make all kinds of different combinations of animals, by sending them to the summoning altar then collect some gems and gold to get new valuable items.

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Anyway, all of certain combinations will need each of the two animals that will be transferred into the summoning altar
And, those animals should have at least one of the required elements.
As a guidance, you can try and apply these following combinations

Forest + Earth will be Leaf Deer
Earth + Forest will be Fruit Boar
Earth + Fire will come to Magma Bear
Forest + Fire results Wild Wolf
Fire + Forest become Rose Fox

Candle Weasel is combined from Earth + Fire
Gladiator Horse is made from Fire + Earth
Flower Frillzard comes from Firest + Fire
Firefrost Unicorn can be made from Ice + Fire

Icicle Snowpard is coming from Earth + Ice
Bamboo Panda is combined by Ice + Forest
Iceberg Rhino can be formed from Earth + Ice
Tundra Reindeer is a result of Forest + Ice
Ice Mine Mole is the combination of Ice + Earth
Laser Chameleon is combined by Forest, Lightning, Fire or any combination of the three

Static Sheep comes from Earth + Lightning
Surfer Penguin is combined from Ice + Lightning
Quake Gorilla can be resulted from Earth + Lightning
Electric Lion is made by Fire + Lightning
Storm Monkey is from the elements of Lightning + Ice
Maple Salamander is the combination from Lightning + Fire

Antenna Giraffe is resulted by Lightning + Earth
Greedy Dragon is made from three elements which are Air, Fire, Earth
Aurora Peacock is also from three elements which are Ice, Air, Fire
Odette Swan can be got from Ice and Air
Blaze Tamarin is the combination of Fire and Air
Whirlwind Hawk is made by Lightning and Air

Arctic Tern is made Air and Ice
Cheerleader Canary is resulted from the elements Lightning and Air
Spring Butterfly can be made from the elements Air and Forest
Wizard Elephant is from Air and Earth
Snowflake Myna is summoned by Air and Ice
Torch Chicken can be summoned from the elements of Air and fire

Dandelion Meerkat is combined from the elements of Forest and Air
Thunder Toad is from Water and Lightning elements
Matador Flamingo can be combined from Fire and Water elements
Firework Raccoon is made by Fire and Air
Ice Blade Shark can be resulted from Ice and Water
Boatman Salmon: Fire, Water

Thunderball Puffer is the combination from Lightning and Water
Igloo Penguin is resulted from Water and Ice
Aloha Hippo is summoned by the elements of Water and Fire
Spark Buffalo is the combination of Water and Lightning
Swamp Crocodile can be resulted from Water and Forest elements
Clam Otter is made by Forest and Water elements
Noble Cobra is the combination of Fire and Lightning

Above lines are the summoning elements combination of the pets
If you have another combination of the pets, you can share with us


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