All Medals to Get Qoins in To-Fu Fury iPhone

Amazon Game Studios has launched To-Fu Fury, as a fast-paced, action-packed featuring the puzzle platform genre to the apple store.

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This game can also be said as crafty physics puzzles and triumph in frenetic melee battles.
Here, you will play as a block of soy product Stick where you will guide it to do actions from wooden surfaces, slide down slippery jade, and use metal to ricochet towards

In the mean time, you must also stay alert of the deadly traps and devious Hoshi bandits which you have beat them with any means necessary
Also, you must collect all the chi to solve the mystery of the Hoshi clan

Along the game, you will also have to get four bonus medals on each level.
You can get first one by beating the level
Then, you will get the next one by collecting every single chi
You can get the third one by beating the level within the time limit.
And, you will get the last one by completing the level under the move limit.
In line with this, getting all those medals will earn you 200 bonus qoins

Each time, you beat a level in the game, you will get a couple of medals on one run
Be sure to focus on the ones you missed without worrying about the other requirements.
Just do this on certain levels to get all the medals in a level

When running through a level, just do whenever entering a new level and scope it out.
In accordance with this, you can merely drag your camera around to see the entire level.
If you can do it well, you can manage your route to run through because you already know all the locations of dangers, obstacles, and chi.

During in your action, you will go to the levels where there are metal plates there
These plates will take you to go through a large portion of the level
According to this, all you need to do is to angle your shot in the correct way.

Anyway, the angle bounces will be incredible strict
Thus, if you are just a tiny bit off, you may miss the path of chi in that level
Therefore, bouncing off these plates well will help you cut down on time and moves.

On the other side, to play this game, you may need to walk move which you can do by holding down two fingers in the direction you want to move.

Later on, you will see your character moving slowly in the direction to where you want
And, if you are just slightly out of position, you can use the walk to angle up your pings and flings along the way


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