All Levels Guides in Spring of Staying Together iPhone

After completing some levels of Staying Together game, you will now go to the remaining levels that will make all levels in this game getting accomplished well

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Level 1-18 will get you to get the first piece with the man, then make the two jump up on the small ledges.
Once getting them got up to the top paths, be sure to make the woman go right for a while whereby it will allow the man to have enough space to traverse the top-most platform.
Once the woman hits the wall, you should go over it to get the heart piece.

Also, just go up another platform with the woman while having the man go across the top-most platform.
At this time, you will see it has a small wall at the right side
And, you must use this to keep the woman from moving while bringing the man closer.
Once getting closer, have him drop down, so that the woman will go left and drop back all the way to the start to get the last piece of heart.
When doing this, you must keep the man on the meeting point platform and try not to have him drop down as well and work your way back up with the woman to meet the point here

Level 1-19 will get you to grab the piece directly right to the woman, as well as jumping back to the left after doing so.
At this time, you can have the man drop down, grab the piece, then jump to safety.
On the other side, you have to keep the woman on the middle platform, and make the man jump up to the small ledge.
Doing so will make them conjoin for a while, so get the heart piece above.

Later on, you can have one of them continue right while the other stays in the wall.
There, you will see a wall that you can use to keep whoever is on the point
At this point, try to jump into the wall while moving so that the other character can move
Also, you need to move back with a double jump to avoid the spike.

Level 1-20 will get you to grab the heart to the right of the woman.
Then, you can continue to move towards the center, which will make the man hit a small bump in the ground.
Doing so will also make the woman have a space to clear the spike pit in front of her.
At the same time, both of them will drop down the hole, then jump to the sides to avoid the spikes.

When doing so, you should try have the woman go off the right side, then make a double jump to land into the second hole.
At this point, you must try to have to make the man double jump to clear over the three spikes.
After you have got the woman on the platform below, be sure to guide the man freely down so that he can get the two heart pieces to the left and to get everything solved well


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