All Content Governor Cheat in Race Day Multiplayer Racing iPhone

Bertheussen IT has come out to ios and androi along with Race Day Multiplayer Racing in which you will be brought to race and jump as Hill Climb Racing meets Fun Run

race day multiplayer racing walkthrough ios android

On the other words, as you will drive an off road vehicle through every track full with many jumps, twists, turns, and other obstacles, against three other players at a time.

When being in the race, if you get closer to a steep hill, make sure that you have enough push to get over the hill as fast as possible.
If you do not have that push and you will not be fast enough to get up the hill
Otherwise, your wheels will get spun while dropping back down the hill even as you accelerate.
Anyway, if you do not have enough momentum to pass through the hill the first time, you can go back down the hill until you reach a good flat point for accelerating
Afterward, you can then speed up your car and get up the hill.

The main core of playing this game, is to master the art of tilting your truck.
Tapping the left pedal will tilt the truck’s nose up
And, tapping the right pedal will tilt the nose of the truck down.
Every time, you are trying to pass through the hills, you have to land parallel to the ground in order to land your truck smoothly
Because of this, you can get an quick boost in acceleration
But, if you will land a bit crooked, you can try to land slightly more on the rear wheels than on the front ones.

Besides tilting and tapping, you should consider the speeds at which you drive in the track.
In a glance, this circumstance might seem counter intuitive in a racing game, whereby you will sometimes be overshooting a landing point if you drive too fast over a jump
As a result, you will land on a hill, which can slow you way down by forcing you to back down a hill.

For further, to be the number one is really matter here and you should be sure to finish a race at all costs.
If you cannot be the champion in each race and you place DNF on a race, you will get zero experience points.
Nevertheless, when you finis the race last, you will still gain fifty experience points, which will make a number of last place finishes add up into a number of level ups.

In addition, reaching more experience levels will allow to unlock new cars.
But, if you want to get new cars fast, you will be able to purchase them in iap store
Or, you can grab the rare vehicles which cannot be unlocked via leveling up.



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