Alien Plasma in Independence Day Resurgence Battle Heroes iPhone

Independence Day Resurgence: Battle Heroes is developed by Zen Studios dedicated to the ios and android users in which this game seems to be adapted from the upcoming movie of the same title

independence day resurgence battle heroes walkthrough ios android

Here, you will guide your ships and characters to battle with aliens and other players
Besides, you will have to improve your ship with cash, plasma, and loot that you can get from missions and from other game modes.

Every ship will be equipped with a main attack and one special skill which have a cooldown consisting of a specific number of moves after you have used them
To use it, just tap on a skill to see what it is for.
You can also use healing skills to heal your ship and character in the battle.

When battling with enemies, they are ringed with either green, yellow, or red, based upon what attack you have selected at that time.

Green enemies will do maximum damage due to ship-type advantages
If you see them in the battle, make sure to attack these ships first
And, focus on one ship at a time to take out them faster especially the ones with high damage attack

Every time, you see the up-arrow icon next to either the pilot, the ship parts or skills, you will be assigned to upgrade them.

In the way of upgrading ship parts, make sure to get the required materials first.
Later on, just try to attack the materials to the part to increase its stats
Moreover, if you have all of the required materials, attack them then tap upgrade button to level up your part, so that you can increase the statistics

In line with this, materials will really be needed to upgrade skills.
To find a specific material, go to the parts or skills menu and tap on the material which you need to do the upgrade.

On the other side, you will be able to send the campaigns into overdrive by tapping x3 on the battle speed button.
Then, just rip through them and level up fast
Although, new game modes are tied to player levels
At this point, you will have to unlock more new game modes to get bigger rewards.

Alien Plasma seems to be the premium currency of this game that you can get for free by participating in the challenge and combat arena modes.

There, you will compete with other players online that will grant you a lot of reward if you can get a victory against them

You can get such Alien Plasma or cash and any other items due to your victory you have won there
Thus, just take part in the challenge and combat mode more often which will give you more rewards in the game


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