AHP Cheat in RPG Asdivine Hearts iPhone

After reviewing Asdivine Hearts few day ago, now this game has its walkthrough that will help and guide you in building your hero into further levels

asdivine hearts strategy guides ios android

Early on this game, you will be equipped with a rubix in which this thing is an object lie jewels set. Here, every of your party member will have a 3 x 3 rubix.
Later on, your party members will be able to get various jewels in the travels, that you can insert in their empty slots.

Jewels in this game will give you some various effects and when they are set in a rubix, they will be manifest.
Meanwhile, jewels that are set in a rubix can also be moved, rotated, or even removed as you want to.
As an illustration, when you learn magic for a sub-elemental, an elemental jewel like a Light, Shadow or Void Jewel must be set in a rubix.

Every character has a main elemental and magic.
Vanguard is the row that is the closest to the enemy.
Midguard is the row that is following the vanguard
Rearguard is the row that is the furthest the enemy.

STR is Strength which affects physical and skill attacks
VIT is Vitality which affects physical defense
1NT is Intelligence which affects magic attacks and defense
SPD is Speed which affects battle order
ATK comes from strength and weapon attack power
DEF comes from vitality and armor defense power
Rank is the level for the 3 magic elementals
Rank Next is the experience needed for the next magic level
Physical damage inflicted will get an effect for those in the vanguard.
Moreover, there are also 3 types of magic, such as light, shadow, and void in that their ranks increase, so do the number of spells that can be cast for that type

In line with this, magical attacks are unaffected by position and they also do not affect a formation.
Before going to the battlefield, you can manage formations and battle positions where in the formation, your characters can be swapped between any of the set battle positions.
Furthermore, using MP or the skill gauge will make your characters unleash certain powerful attacks.

And, if you can win the battle with an elemental jewel in a rubix, it will cause the corresponding elemental to rank up and magic specific that can learned as well.

Note that, certain jewels have limits, so you must often check those set in a rubix in which it is to make sure that they are continuing to be used again.

In addition, every character her will have a main elemental and the characters will be able to learn magic that can be done without the need to set jewels of the same kind in a rubix.
And, by taking puzzle piece-like jewels and setting them in a box known as a rubix, you can customize your characters to be different form the others


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