Accomplish Quests to Get Coins to Unlock New Ninja in Bushido Bear iPhone

Bushido Bear is the new action product of Spry Fox, which is specially designed for the ios and android platforms

bushido bear walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will play with various bears with samurai skills to defend the forst against waves of attackers by hacking and slashing them

Later on the game, you will be able to unlock new ninja characters and upgrade the existing ones
In initial levels, you will play with Lone Cub who is slow and he can slip past enemies due to his tiny size.

Then, you can play with Smoky Bear who can teleport anywhere in a second
Playing with Neo Bear is great since he can slow down time and plans his attacks.
To level up your character, you must gain experience points through each battle

To defeat all incoming enemies, you merely swipe a line next to them, so that your swords can hit them.
Always keep your eyes open as moving enemies start to enter the scene while swiping their sword toward your character
Make sure to swipe through as many enemies in one line which allows you to get big multipliers for more points.

Later on, you will deal with a boss character that you can beat by swiping and slicing it multiple times
At that time, keep slicing the boss and avoid any movements

After beating that boss, you will get coins that you can use for something useful
You can use your coins to upgrade one of your characters so that he will have bigger swords, more attack speed, faster dashes or special final attacks.

Also, you can unlock a new bear with 100 coins
To make it happen, just go to the shrine and provide a 100 coin donation to roll for a new bear.

In order to gt more coins, you can merely watch the promotional videos
Besides, you will also get more coins by completing every given quests in the game
So, always check the quests menu before starting a game to see what you must do next.

Moreover, by completing the quests, you can unlock new levels which comes along with tough enemies, new theme.and more rewards


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