Accomplish Missions to Get Credits in Critical Ops iPhone

If you like playing Counter Strike on PC, you may have to try playing Critical Ops, the product of Critical Force developer that you can play on the mobile platforms, ios and android

critical ops walkthrough ios android

Similar to any fps genre out there, this game seems to adapt basic formula for the gameplay
Early on the game, make sure the box marked Hide cross platform rooms is checked in the server filters.
Do this before making any shot in the environment

Before starting the game, make sure to change the controls based on your interest
Always check the load out tab in the main menu to see the weapons you will have to equip for the battle
In early level, you may consider to play in Deathmatch rather than Defuse.

In line with this, you can move the position of the buttons in the settings menu.
This game relies on team work to complete the mission successfully
So, you must get closer and stick with your team

Always reload your weapon after having the shortest gun battle
Take a look around your environments closely especially for the corners as the enemies usually hide at that spot

Watch out nooks and crannies and plan the best strategy to ambush and attack enemies while looking for a place to cover

To take out enemy in one shot, always aim at their head as headshot will do much more damage
Do this carefully, as if you shoot them in the shin they may point their gun directly at your head.
When you deal with close enemy, using melee attack with knife will be a good idea since it can take down an enemy in a single slice.

On the other side, you may have to complete the challenges to get some rewards such as different weapons.
Look out the radar, as you will know where to move on next

Keep moving and using the crouch and jump buttons to stay one step ahead of the enemy.
Select a weapon you spawn at the first time as it will be your standard spawn gun
Never pick up another player’s dropped weapons, but you must concentrate on your own tactics and strategy

In addition, this game features credits as the premium currency
To get them for free, you must complete the challenges or missions in the game
Or, if the developer serves the offer to watch a video, you can do this to get credits freely


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