Abilities Crystals Gems Cheats Heroes and Armies iPhone

Heroes and Armies has come to mobile users along with a fresh and interesting feature similar to the city management strategy game

heroes and armies walkthrough ios android

But, in this game you will not need to build a constructions and all you will do is to guide your heroes to fight against enemies heroes in the battlefield

The main currencies of this game are in form of gold, gems or diamonds and crystals
Those currencies will have the main role to upgrade your resource buildings and build your heroes

Besides, your resources will also be vital if you want to supply your units with the maximum amount of wheat and wood to build your base
If those resources are upgraded to the max, they will provide you extremely big amounts of resources for your daily needs

Early on the game, you will get campaign and daily quests to complete for being your path to win a bunch of resources
Completing each quest in the game will grant you more resources for your base

In order to collect free diamonds in this game, you can join an alliance which will give you amazing goodies, including free diamonds.
Thus, just join an alliance and to be an active one to win those wars that will give you a big chance to get the other currencies including crystals for free.

With a bunch of currencies you have got along the game, you will easily purchase the special item buildings in which you must primarily get the Troop Garrison first
This kind of troop will provide you a boost in the numbers of troops that you can send into battle so that with sheer numbers of them you can win early fights at ease

There will be a lot ways to win the battle
In line with this, you can plant the traps and be sure to keep them always being in active state

Traps here can really cause damage when they are activated so that you will win the battle easily.
So, just always keep them active and maxed out at all times.

When you are about to battle with enemies, be sure to consider how many and what type of troops they have

It is caused by, if your opponents have any active traps indicated in the upper right side of the screen, it will highly be recommended to stay away from them

Always be sure to get your heroes trained well so that they will be stronger to battle with any unit in the combat zone

During the battle, you have to manage your heroes based on their roles and specs
At this point, try to put a long range mage type of hero like Calista in the back line
Afterward, you can then keep the hero behind the squires and take enemies out from there, in which they can cast occasional spells toward incoming enemies.

You can place the melee units such as tack at front line to cover the ranged heroes at the back.
When placing each hero in the best location, you can then focus on taking out the long range troops of enemies heroes
Once they are defeated, you can then destroy the melee ones.

If you want to get some medals in the game, you can select easy opponent to take out
These easy opponents will usually have weak targets rather then few attacks on solid ones.

In related to the boost items, you will get them 7 daily
With these kind of boost, you will be able to boost the buildings of other players, even if they are not your friends or members of the same alliance.
By boosting their buildings, you will get some nice loot rewards

In addition, this game will feature crystal as the premium currency
You can get them for free by completing the daily quests

With these crystals, you can purchase new units, upgrade your resources buildings and get special items for your troops

Thus, do not forget to complete any quest given by this game as this will provide you some extra nice rewards


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