A Golden Spin to Get Gold Cash in Basketball Stars iPhone

Miniclip has a new basketball game, called as Basketball Stars which is specifically made for the ios and android platforms

basketball stars walkthrough ios android

This game is designed to be played online where you can play against other people worldwide
During the game, you will have to get more gold cash to unlock all sorts of equipment and customize your character with cool stuff.

Early on the game, you will be introduced with two game modes, attack or defense mode and classic one
In line with this, if you have great skill at scoring perfect shots, the classic mode will be the best for you to farm more money cash.

When playing this game with your opponent, you can start with is a steal as your first move.
You can play with the steal which will work great against slower opponents, since they merely want to shoot or fake a shot

Applying such trick will give you more chances to win the ball.
In accordance with this, you may need to block your rivals if they try to fake a shot first.

In the mean time, try to predict where your opponent will move with the ball
When playing in offense, you may have opponents trying to trick you with fake shots and moves

At this point, you may have those always go to a side so that you can easily guess their strategy after they have performed one or two shots

For such reasons, try to defend flawlessly against them or add pressure on them which may cause them miss.

On the other side, you may need to be unpredictable when moving your ball
To do this, you can try swiping and going to one side in order to avoid a potential steal
At the same time, you can either move to another side or perform a fake move to confuse your opponent with your move.

Remember not to follow patterns and experiment with something new as you can beat the more skilled players by always moving and performing your play style.

Gold and cash are the main currencies of this game that you can get in any other way
Basically, you will get them by winning each game mode

Meanwhile, if you can get a 10 winning streak, you can try to play in the advanced courts, where you will play with solid players there
If you can win the match there, you will get more cash and gold rather than playing in classic mode

As said earlier, with gold cash you have collected from the match, you will be able to unlock cool stuff ad get a better ball
Once reaching level 6 in this game, you can unlock a great new ball, the Croc, for 15 gold.

In order to get more gold, all you will do is to level up, while playing in the higher courts and collecting the gold shots
According to this, you can get the gold shots by connecting the game to Facebook.
Having this ball will be better than the basic one
And, you will get it when you already have the gold for such ball



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