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    Hope you are fine and in good health.

    I’ve been studying your website for a while, and I think your readers would be quite interested in our newly launched Mobile application for Android and iPhone. Mobile apps have a pretty high search volume and this could pitch readers for your site quite a lot. We’d love it if you could write a blog post about us or a review of our app. Looking forward to hear from you.

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  2. Ronda Rousey Named Taichi Panda Spokesperson


    Los Angeles – July 20th, 2015 – Snail Games, developer of hit mobile hack ‘n slash dungeon crawler Taichi Panda, excitedly announced today the game’s new official spokesperson: UFC® women’s bantamweight champion, Ronda Rousey.

    Rousey, who on August 1st will take on Bethe Correia for UFC 190 in Rio de Janeiro, has become a well-recognized figure among action and martial arts fans, from her undefeated winning streak to her budding Hollywood acting career. Talking about her fighting background, Rousey called the new partnership “a really exciting step for me and for martial arts.”

    “I got my start in Judo, and since I was little it’s really been a lifelong love affair with martial arts. It’s taken me amazing new places, and I’m really excited to now be working with a game that shares that passion,” Rousey said.

    “In Taichi Panda, you have to beat down opponents using kung fu and magic. The game is about building up your warrior, taking on other players in matches, learning their weaknesses and playing up your strengths to win. In a lot of ways it’s similar to my own experience with MMA. You’ve got to strive to be the best, work hard to find that inner fighter and let it loose.”

    Launched earlier this year, Taichi Panda is an action RPG for mobile with strong influences from martial arts. “We’re very excited to be working with Ms. Rousey” said Snail President Shi Hai. “We look to partner with individuals who share our appreciation of martial arts, old and new. For this, we feel she is a good fit.”

    The extent of the partnership is still to be seen, but Snail has confirmed that Ms. Rousey will appear in a promotional campaign including TV advertising later this year.

    Taichi Panda is available on App Store and Google Play.

    Taichi Panda media assets are available here (link for press only):

    About Ronda Rousey
    Ronda Rousey is the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s (UFC) undefeated bantamweight champion and Olympic medalist in Judo. Considered to be the most dominant athlete in UFC history, Rousey is responsible for the inclusion of women in the Octagon. Taking Hollywood with her signature force, she has landed roles in major films and exploded onto the scene with the same drive, commitment and command that made her a champion.

    About Taichi Panda
    Taichi Panda is a free-to-play action dungeon crawler for iOS, Android, and Amazon devices featuring fast-paced action combat rendered in vibrant 3D graphics. Players enter a fantasy world, bashing their way through enemies as one of 5 unique heroes. Taichi Panda features numerous online multiplayer options, including PvP, Team PvE, and Guild competition.

    About Snail Games
    Founded in 2000, Snail Games has been a pioneer in new online gaming experiences for over 14 years. With dozens of titles in over 60 countries, including Ministry of War, Bounty Bay Online, and flagship martial arts MMO Age of Wushu, Snail Games continues to push the frontier of gaming through game development, publishing and hardware.

    About UFC
    UFC® is the premier mixed martial arts (MMA) organization and largest pay-per-view event provider in the world. Headquartered in Las Vegas with offices in London, Toronto, Singapore and Sao Paulo, UFC produces more than 40 live events annually that consistently sell out some of the most prestigious arenas around the globe. UFC programming is broadcast in 134 countries and territories to over 700 million TV households worldwide in 21 different languages. The UFC has a multi-year broadcast agreement with FOX in the U.S., which annually includes four live events broadcast on the FOX network, as well as The Ultimate Fighter® reality television show and thousands of hours of programming on FOX Sports 1 and FOX Sports 2. In 2014, UFC launched UFC FIGHT PASS®, a digital subscription service with exclusive live events, thousands of fights on-demand and original content. The UFC organization also licenses over 100 UFC GYM® locations, and owns UFC.TV® (offering live event broadcasts and video on-demand around the world), UFC FIT® (an in-home fitness and nutrition program), UFC Magazine, and has a videogame franchise with EA SPORTS, UFC Fight Club®, UFC Fan Expo®, UFC branded apparel, DVDs and Blu-rays and Topps Trading Cards. For more information, visit and follow UFC at, Twitter and Instagram: @UFC.

    For media inquiries, please contact

  3. Massive Content Update Coming for CCG and Grid-Based Strategy Game
    CARDS AND CASTLES 2.0 – Slated for August 13 Release

    On August 13, indie game studio Bit Mass, LLC will release a major update for its free-to-play game, Cards and Castles, for iOSTM, AndroidTM and Amazon’s Fire OSTM. The CCG and grid-based strategy game, which TouchArcade describes as, “Hero Academy meets Hearthstone,” has been refined, and a shipload of additional features and content has been introduced, making Cards and Castles 2.0 the largest content update yet.

    Current unit and spell balancing have been optimized and gameplay is faster paced. Matches are now more intense, time efficient and rewarding than ever before. The game’s already engaging art is revamped, and the user interface flow is even more intuitive.

    Pre-2.0, building a two faction deck was standard practice since players could choose from a larger, more diverse pool of faction-specific cards. With the introduction of “Mono-factions,” players who opt to build single-faction decks now have access to exclusive new Hero Cards, which are extremely powerful, redesigned versions of legendary cards. Mono-faction decks are now viable and competitive alternatives to their traditional dual-faction counterparts.

    Newly streamlined deck construction creates a more fun and efficient deck-building experience. Players now can complete their collections more quickly and build their decks in half the time.

    With the introduction of a “Mulligan” system, players now may replace up to three cards in their opening hand, making the beginning of a match more flexible. During matches, the fun, new emote system allows players to greet or taunt one another.

    Freshly implemented Facebook integration gives players an alternative, simpler log in, and better “invite friends” rewards. Also, achievement posting has arrived for bragging rights!

    “We believe the reimagined Cards and Castles brings even greater appeal to more players looking for a gaming experience that combines the strategy of a traditional board game with the elements of chance and planning of a high-quality fantasy card game,” said Matt Siegel, lead developer. “And we expect current players to appreciate how the game has evolved, with many of their suggestions being incorporated into this latest version.”
    The sizeable 2.0 update for Cards and Castles will be available on iTunes, Google Play and the Amazon Appstore, August 13.

    Find more in-depth Cards and Castles 2.0 information on the developer’s forum:
    And daily game updates and news on their Twitter page:

    Download Cards and Castles for:
    Android –
    iOS –

    About Bit Mass:
    Bit Mass is a small, San Diego-born indie company made up of great friends who are expecting to captivate gamers with a unique, hybrid-genre experience the game industry is lacking. Learn more at

  4. To the editors of Mobileobstine,
    My name is Matt and I work for Game Hollywood. We have a new collectible card game called Valhalla Lost entering the closed beta stage in late September that I hope you’ll be interested in. The game draws from Norse mythology, has over 200 cards and uses a point system to play them. Players can go through the story-mode or challenge multi-battle dungeons to sharpen their skills, and playing against friends is made easier with a proximity battle mode.
    We will initially be launching on iOS and Android, but have plans to expand to Facebook and Steam.

    Images and APK:
    Note: The game is about to enter beta, so we ask that you do not use this APK for a review. We expect the official release to be in late October.
    Note: You will need to search for ‘Valhalla Lost’ in Testflight.
    Promo Code: AULM7K4U77OU
    Note: The Promo code can be used by going to ‘My Town’, then to the ‘Town Hall’, then by clicking on ‘Claim’ at the top right.

    The beta test will be starting in approximately 2 weeks. The current server is for journalistic purposes only.

    -Unique block system
    -Over 200 cards
    -Stunning artwork
    -Card construction, card packs, and friend cards

    If you believe our game is news-worthy, or you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. We can provide you with additional currency if it is needed. I am also available for interviews.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. I hope you like the game!

    Matt Ariss

  5. Hello again!I messaged you a couple of months back (from a different e-mail address, to tell you about the Valhalla Lost closed beta. I’m happy to announce that we’ve entered our open beta. Wooooooo!
    You’ve probably forgotten, so I’ll go through the spiel again. Valhalla Lost is an epic CCG base on Norse mythology. Players choose one of 4 heroes, each with multiple hero skills, and then summon gods, demon, dragons and more to help them battle across the world tree.
    We’ve made quite a few changes, including updating the graphics, UI changes, and adding world bosses. Your readers seemed very interested the first time round, so I’m hoping their interest will stay. To sweeten the pot we’ve got a promo code that they can use to get some extra in-game rewards, and use those to buy some cardpacks.

    Promo code: 5PLLOYCPNLLQ

    You can check out the game at:

    And there’s a bunch of material like press kits and images that you can get here:

    Thanks for checking it out, I hope you like it!

  6. CRASH DUNGEON : a digger with deep strategy!


    After Paper Dungeons I’d like to introduce our latest release, Crash Dungeons, a new take on the classic Digger, with added RPG flavor and strategic choices.

    The main goal is still to reach deeper dungeon levels, with monsters and powerups either slowing or boosting you along the way, but you can choose between 2 types of weapons. Swords kill monster faster but take double time to crush blocks, while maces breeze through blocks but deal less damages to monsters.

    Mineral blocks give you cash to buy better equipment at the shop. The deeper you get, the higher level equipment you’ll unlock.
    Slain monsters drop ingredients to craft powerups into your equipement at the forge.

    With a fun and easy to grasp concept for the whole family, the gameplay gains some depth with the weapon’s upgrade and choice, which requires some planning before buying a new type of equipment.

    Download CRASH DUNGEON from Google Play Store (
    Comming soon on iOS (Status: Submited).
    By indie 2 persons team AGENT MEGA

    — Features —

    * Extremely addictive gameplay
    * Dig deeper to unlock powerful weapons & shields
    * Forge special powers to enhance your equipment!
    * Strategically choose to dig more or kill monsters
    * Use fire, ice or lightning bombs to trigger fun explosions!
    * Find lost treasures and repair your weapon along the way to keep digging
    * Toogle in curved angle camera effect
    * Universal (great on any iOS device)
    * Free!

    EMAIL :
    VIDEO :

    PREVIOUS GAME : PAPER DUNGEONS, a fantasy board-game boosted by online content.

  7. I just wanted to give you the heads up that a new expansion is coming out for our indie game “Cards and Castles” on January 21st!

    I added a press release below. We have art available if you are interested. Let me know if we can answer any additional questions about the expansion.

    Cora H. Siegel
    Project coordinator Cards and Castles
    Bit Mass LLC

    Cards and Castles: The Age of Dragons is upon us!

    Release the dragons in this upcoming exciting expansion!

    A brand new expansion from indie game studio Bit Mass is to be released on January 21st, 2016. The 50 new cards will introduce dragons, drakes and exciting new game mechanics. The available pre-order bundle already gives us a sneak peek into the dragon’s roost with an exclusive castle.

    Cards and Castles is bigger than ever after a hit launch on Steam. Players are hyped about fast match-making, improved mechanics and the new to be released expansion: Age of Dragons!

    Bit Mass keeps their game interesting for both new and existing players by releasing expansions on a regular basis. After their last expansion “Warlock Academy” we got to take a look into the Warlocks faction and their training. This time we plunge into the Cards and Castles Mythology to see some ancient creatures come alive. Where did they come from? Why were they unleashed? By whom? And what changes will it bring to the game? Read all about it on their website.

    About the Company:
    Bit Mass is a small indie company from San Diego that consists of friends. With their experience and expertise, they hope to captivate gamers with a game that they think the industry is still lacking.

    – contact us at

  8. Dear,

    Thanks for your amazingly awesome review for DRAGON JUMP developed by Lemon Jam.

    Now, the team develops a new game-Jumping Kitty. It will be available soon on iOS on 21st April (RIGHT this Thursday, Beijing time)!

    Will you be interested in reviewing it?

    Looking forward to your reply!


  9. Hello,
    I’m Stive from DreamSky, we are gaming company based in Beijing,China.
    Some of our noticeable games are League of Stickman ; Lost Journey ; Blacksmith Story and others.

    I’m reaching out for cooperation in reviews of our new upcoming games that we are working on.

    We are willing to provide insides in our lab and workspace, our process of game making,
    where does our ideas come from, how we meet daily problems how we solve them.
    Talk about our design, and how we interact with our players, as well as we give chance to be first to do review of our new coming up games to App Store and Google Play Store.

    If you are interested in this cooperation, I’m glad to continue talking to you what we can do together.

    – Stive Marketing Director DreamSky

  10. We are Animanya Games. Our new free puzzle game Fuse Up has been published on the iOS and Android platforms.

    We need your help for review. We are pleased to hear that you are interested in our game.

  11. Iron Finger is a breath of fresh air for the mobile arcade genre. Its combination of fun yet challenging arcade games makes it super addictive. There is no re-skinning here!

    We have carefully designed each game to implement control and touch gestures that are naturally intuitive to the players.

    It is truly Quick to play, Easy to learn, Hard to master!

    Please spare 30 seconds so we could show you a truly fun arcade-like experience on your mobile phone!


    Press Kit DL link:

    App Store:

    Google Play Store:

    Game Features:
    + Arcade style games: Combination of challenging & fun mini games.
    + Simple intuitive gameplay controls.
    + Online leaderboards & achievements.
    + Built in multi-language support for all major countries.

    Additional Information:
    + FREE to download with optional in-app purchases.
    + Built and supported for tablets and mobile phones.

    Contact Information:
    + General Enquires:
    + Business Enquiries:

  12. Hello,

    I would like to introduce my new game Pinball BOOM available for free on Android and IOS. Pinball BOOM is an endless twist on the classic pinball game format that requires the user to keep their Pinball Boomer safe from spikey rocks and collect gems.

    I would really appreciate if you were able to take the time to review my game as I intend on updating the game to incorporate feedback as the game concept evolves

    My Game is available at:


    my support website is:

    Thank You for your consideration and I hope that you enjoy playing Pinball BOOM.

  13. Hi,
    Our new game is published for android please check it out, let us know what do you think 🙂
    The Chest is a role playing themed clicker game, where you tap chests to gain money, once you have enough money you can upgrade your weapons and equipment to get ready for the adventure!

    This video will give you an idea about the game:

    Is it worth trying ?
    Thank you.

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